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Press Release Announces New Author, New Novel and New Genre to their Catalog!

Jill Rice Press Release

WildBlue Press, known for its specialization in true crime and narrative non-fiction, branches out by reentering the romance genre with their newly acquired novel MY BEST AND LAST. A contemporary mystery romance that encompasses the undeniable attraction between characters and the intrigue of a murder with twists and turns.

Readers will be unable to put this debut novel by Jill Rice down. MY BEST AND LAST follows psychology professor and best-selling author Caroline 'Cal' Cassidy as she becomes the prime suspect in the brutal murder of her ex-husband, Paul. Framed for a murder she didn’t commit, questioned by a detective who is certain she is the murderer, and overwhelmed by the attraction that overtakes them both, can Cal prove her innocence?

WildBlue Press is thrilled to add MY BEST AND LAST to its esteemed catalog and embark on a new journey that includes the romance genre. With a novel promising a unique blend of mystery and romance, readers worldwide will want to immerse themselves in this debut novel, which will become available on April 23.

Download the full press release here:

My Best and Last - Press Kit-Jill Rice
Download PDF • 395KB


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