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"My Best and Last"

“So, tell me, Detective. Do you kiss all your murder suspects?”

She has no alibi, plenty of motive, and there's DNA evidence linking her to the crime.

In Jill Rice's romantic suspense, tenured psychology professor and best-selling author Caroline 'Cal' Cassidy becomes the prime suspect in the brutal murder of her ex-husband, Paul.

Assigned to the case is Detective Daniel 'Danny' Chan. His suspicion of Cal is unwavering; he interrogates her, and the more she talks, the more he’s convinced she’s the killer.

Meanwhile, Cal’s situation grows increasingly complex when she discovers her attorney's unexpected link to Chan—she's his ex-wife. Could there be a conspiracy against her? To complicate matters further, she discovers she has an irrational attraction to Detective Chan despite his obvious conviction that she’s guilty.

Cal knows she’s innocent, but who harbors enough hatred to kill Paul and pin it squarely on her? And can she get Chan to believe her before the killer makes another deadly move?

Enhance your reading experience and bring the story to life in a tangible way!

Cal's Crystal Set

Grab Cal's crystal set from Crystals by the Sea for 10% off with code JILLRICE10

Crystals by the Sea is a small business out of Clearwater, Florida owned by Tracey Pregon.  Tracey is an expert in crystal healing and also loves a good romance novel!

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Games Bundle

This games bundle is a FUN way to dive deeper into Cal's world and test your knowledge of the novel "My Best and Last".

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